An auto service station

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Status: Bound & Suspended

The guy gets out and walks into the building, so you struggle to try and get free but have no luck

About 10 minutes later a guy walks over to the SUV and pulls into the service bay. You hear the hood open up and he starts to work on the engine. He works on it for a while and then moves away, probably to tell the other guy what he found that needs to be fixed and comes back about a minute later. After closing the hood he walks over to the wall and hits a button, and just about this time you realize what he's doing as the SUV begins to rise on the lift. So you plant your feet again to avoid an award position while suspended in mid air, and the lift brings the vehicle to below head height.

At this point a whistle goes off and someone yells out "awesome, off for the weekend". The couple guys in the bay seem to be leaving, it must be time to go home for the night and somehow nobody has seen you yet. However you realize you are now suspended six feet above the ground and are right above what looks like an oil pit. If you were to be able to free yourself the oil could break your fall. You could also yell out for help, but at least three guys would be made aware of your presence.

Do You:

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