Approach Moose

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to approach Moose. Man does he look good. You would just love to taste his sweet jizz in your mouth.

You walk up to him and say, "Hey Moose! If you're not doing anything do you wanna get something to eat at Pop's?"

Moose gives you a wide grin and replies, "Hey, Archie! Duh... Sure! Let's go. I'm starving!"

So the two of you walk into the diner and sit down in one of the booths. The place is completely empty except for you, Moose, and Pop, the store owner. Pop waves at you and Moose and walks over to take your order. After you get your food Pop tells you that he has to go out on a quick errand and asks if you would mind looking after the store while he is away. He says he'll be out for about an hour, the perfect amount of time for you and Moose to get away with something naughty.

Do you:

Stay and look after the diner, giving you plenty of time to fuck with Moose

Leave and Go to school, you're already late dumbass

Leave and Take the bus in search of someone who'll give it up.

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