Arrests you anyway

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and screwing a statue and a security guard

The guard's climax coincides with one of your own, and it leaves you gasping for breath, sweating and quivering with released desire.

Then you feel his hands on your wrists pulling them behind your back, and you come out of your haze as you feel yourself being handcuffed. "Playtime's over," he says.

He pulls you off of the statue, sneering as he leads you to his office, not even bothering to cover you up before the eyes of the scandalized patrons. You sit there, naked and handcuffed, while he calls the police.

About an hour later, a squad car takes you to the local station. "We're kinda crowded in here," one of the cops says as he drags you out of the car, still nude and cuffed. "You might have to share."

You're escorted to a holding cell, where half-a-dozen burly men are sitting around sullenly. You gasp and turn to the cops. "You can't put me in here with them!" you protest.

"Like I said, we're out of room in here," the cop says. "Besides, a freaky little thing like you ought to enjoy herself in here."

One of your cellmates walks over to you, leering. "I hear you like to fuck statues," the guy says. "Let's see how much you like a real man."

Your eyes widen and you back away, but soon you bump against the wall of your cell. Still cuffed and naked, there's nothing to prevent your cellmates from having their way with you again and again. You wonder how long you'll be in here before your first orgasm is forced from you.


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