Ask Chad if you can go first

From Create Your Own Story

"Chad let me go first", you say as he looks at you rubbing his cock against her small pussy.

"Alright man, you did bring her after all", Chad responds moving over and allowing you to get yourself between her legs. You look at your little sister and smile at her as you position your cock for her pussy. You push forward your cock not going in at first and her wiggling around.

You push in again and see blood on your cock as you take her virginity. She is insanely tight and your cock feels like it is going to get ripped off. You hold yourself in her for a second, then begin to move in and out of her as she wimpers. John takes his cock out of her mouth and the guys jerk off watching you fuck her.

"Yeah dude give it to her", you hear one of the guys say.

"J..Josh it hurts", Miranda whimpers, looking up to you, as she is speared onto your dick.

You are:
Josh, age 18
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