Ask Cheryl and Glenn for something to eat

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Status: Naked and Perking Up

"Food would be a good thing," you say.

Cheryl giggles. "I'm sure your body needs to be refueled. What would you like? We have just about everything."

You think for a moment. "Steak?"

Glenn grins. "Give me 30 minutes." He kisses your cheek and extracts himself from the bed.

Cheryl climbs out of the bed, leans down and lightly nibbles your neck. "You stay right here and rest, sweetie. Food coming right up."

You half-close your eyes and relax. Soon the smells coming from the kitchen are enough to make your stomach growl. Shortly afterwards, Cheryl and Glenn return. Cheryl helps you sit up in the bed and Glenn places a TV tray over your legs. A glass of orange juice and a plate with a large steak, mashed potatoes, salad and a slice of pie settle on it. "Dig in," Glenn tells you. "My steaks are famous from here halfway to Alaska."

"I don't know about that, honey," Cheryl teases her husband. "But they are delicious."

You don't respond, as you're too busy eating. It isn't long before you've polished off everything. Cheryl and Glenn clear the dishes and tray, then climb back into the bed with you.

"Feel better?" Glenn inquires, in a smiling tone.

You're grinning from ear to ear. "Absolutely."

Cheryl wraps an arm around you and leans your head against her chest. "We'll return you to your home if you want," she tells you. Her free hand begins gently caressing your breasts, making you shiver slightly as your body responds to her stimulating touch.

"But we'd love to have you stay for a while," Glenn adds. He softly runs his hand through your hair. You feel the enveloping aura of love, kindness and protection radiating from the couple.

"In fact, if you wanted to move in with us for good..." Cheryl husks. Her lips find the back of your neck and you tremble with excitement as she lightly kisses and nibbles the sensitive flesh.

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