Ask Cheryl and Glenn to comfort you

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Getting Horny

"Snuggling sounds good," you say.

"A hug has more medicinal power than people realize," Glenn laughs. He nestles his body against you from behind and wraps a strong arm around your shoulders.

"Quite true, love," Cheryl giggles. She presses her front against yours and wraps her arm around your back. You murmur contentedly and Cheryl lightly nibbles your neck.

"Mmmmmmm," you murmur. You let your eyes half-close and lie still, as do Cheryl and Glenn. Their bodies relax and you soak up the love and caring emanating from your two rescuers.

Even though Glenn is holding his body as still as a statue and making no effort whatsoever to attempt to stimulate you, he can't prevent himself from developing an erection. The feel of his hard cock pressed against your nicely rounded behind begins to send shivers through you. The feel of Cheryl's lips resting against your neck and her perky breasts pressing against your large jugs adds to the growing horniness developing inside you.

You feel yourself blushing. "Ummm," you mutter. "Uh..."

"What is it, dearie?" Cheryl quietly asks.

"Well..." you reply. "I, um, am getting... uh..."

Cheryl gives you a teasing smile. "Turned on? That's quite all right. Glenn and I share everything, and we wouldn't mind sharing you." Her mouth meets yours in a long kiss, while her hand unwraps from your back and her fingers tease your nipples.

Glenn grins. "I won't do anything you don't want. But I'd love to help you create some good memories to crowd out the bad ones."

You roll onto your back and reach down to stroke Glenn's firm rod, while Cheryl's lips leave a trail of kisses from your neck to your cleavage.

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