Ask Estelle about herself

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Curious

"Actually, I do have some questions," you say. "How do you have enough money to support a safe house and feeding your happy minx?"

Estelle giggles. "I'm one of the scions of a wealthy family. I came into my inheritance at 21."

"Where did you used to cook?" you ask her.

"At a fancy restaurant," she replies. "Patrons would easily spend $200 per person during the dinner rush."

"So I assume you're retired now?"


"How'd you get so good in bed?"

"Lots of practice. Same as you, I suspect."

"I think I'd like to get to the sex now," you tell Estelle.

She chuckles. "I think I've finally found a woman as horny as I am."

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