Ask Estelle for more sex play

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Sexing

"Now that I'm unbound, I'd like more sex," you murmur.

Estelle giggles. "Really? You like me that much?"

You don't answer verbally. You pull Estelle against you and kiss your way through her cleavage. Then you wrap your lips around her nipple and suckle. She responds by caressing your slit with her fingertips.

You moan and part your legs. She begins finger-fucking you, first with two fingers, then three, and finally four. You ask to 69 with her, and she adjusts your positions so that she's on top. After you both climax a few times, she climbs off.

"That was fun," Estelle admits.

"We should do it often," you tell her.

"I agree," Estelle purrs. "Now, sleep."

You wake in the morning. After the usual routine, including a shower, Estelle sits on the bed and snuggles you.

"More sex?" she asks. "Or would you prefer some food first?"

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