Ask Estelle to suckle your nipples

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Sexing

"My nipples could use some attention," you murmur.

Estelle's soft voice giggles. "So they could." She lies you on your back, and gives your nipples tender little kisses. You moan appreciatively.

Estelle's tongue flickers rapid-fire, and you shudder as sensations of pleasure shoot from your nipples through your body. Estelle smiles. "Sensitive, are they?" You whimper softly in response.

Estelle lifts her head from your breasts and slides her body upward, pressing her breasts against your face. "Try mine." You give them a suckle, and Estelle purrs and snuggles closer to you.

From there, things proceed naturally. Estelle quickly moves into a 69 with you, and you both climax until you can't anymore. She showers with you and the two of you kiss and tease each other under the water. She prepares a meal for you, and you eat together.

She stops killing prostitutes because her needs are satisfied by your body when she binds you and fucks you with her strap-on. Eventually you forget that she kidnapped you. With no new killings, the case grows cold, and you live out your life as Estelle's submissive. She always gives you as much sex as you can handle.


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