Ask Jessica when you'll be able to get a bra

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'When can I get a bra?' you burst into the conversation

'When you're older', Jessica tells you before speaking to Josh again, 'do you not think it's weird that you do that with family?'

'You underestimate how horny I can get', Josh jokes.

'But "how" do you get them?' you whine to Jessica.

'They just grow' Jessica shrugs.

'How did yours grow?' you ask, curious.

Jessica looks at you for a second, then says, 'they just do. You can look if you want'.

You look at Jessica's bra, wondering what they'll look like. Then you hook your thumbs underneath the material and push it up. Jessica's boobs seem to fall out of the bra, which Jessica helps you push all the way up to her throat.

They aren't round like they look like when they're in a bra, they are kind of like a football but rounder, or maybe, you struggle to think what they look like. They look hard, but when they came out of the sporty bra they moved like they were soft. You reach out and move one of them around.

Jessica smiles, 'you'll have them too, don't worry'.

'You've got much bigger nipples than me', you observe, touching it like Josh did to yours. Jessica bit her lip and breathed out. With both hands you squeeze your sisters boobs ('Gently Mimi!') wondering if yours will be the same.

'Mimi', Jessica whispers, 'I need to tell you something'.

You lean forward expectantly, 'What?'

'I don't think Josh is floppy anymore!' She manages to get half the sentence out before giggling.

'So that makes it ok for us to tickle again', you say breaking out into a smile.

Jessica sits up and pushes you onto your side. The two of you turn around and look at your brother, red faced and with a lolly ready to be tickled.

Jessica is still giggling as she takes off her bra over her head. 'So what do we do to tickle?' she asks you with a grin that looks an awful lot like Josh's.

Show Jessica how to tickle Josh

Show Jessica how to tickle with Josh

Have Josh tickle you

Have Jessica tickle you

Tickle Jessica

You and Josh tickle together to show Jessica how to do it

You are:
Miranda, age 6
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