Ask Karen and Ken for some sustenance

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Relaxing

"I'm hungry," you say. "It's... been a while since I had food."

Karen giggles. "Ken and I could use some nutriment, too." She kisses Ken on the cheek. "Time to show off your other skills, honey."

10 minutes later, the three of you are standing naked on the back porch, in the shade of the trees and fence surrounding the yard, and Ken is grilling some lovely-looking steaks. You and Karen whip up a salad, and half an hour after your asked, the three of you are sitting naked at the outdoor table, feasting on a simple but delicious meal.

The conversation is pleasant, and peace steals into your soul. You finish up and sit lazily in your chair. Ken and Karen seem content as well.

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