Ask Kellie what's going on

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Status: Naked and Confused

"Kellie, is it?" you say. Your abductor nods. "Who's Terrie? And what's happening?"

"Terrie is a gorgeous blonde, built about like you, who's really going to enjoy making you happy," Kellie replies. "You're in for quite a treat."

"Um..." you mutter. "So, why'd you have to pluck me off the street?"

"You looked like you were in trouble," Kellie giggles. "Naked and handcuffed... who enslaved you, and why were you fleeing? Never mind. We look for runaways, abandoned teenagers, battered women fleeing their husbands or boyfriends... and give them sanctuary." The van comes to a halt. "Oh, we're here." She undoes your restraints. "Step lively, now. Careful, it's a bit of a drop."

You find yourself in a warehouse. The driver, Thelma -- also masked -- is holding what looks like a small electric saw. "Hold very still, sweetie," she tells you. "Wouldn't want to cut your flesh, now."

You hold perfectly still as she slices through the metal cuffs with her device like a hot knife through butter. You flex your wrists, trying to restore the circulation, as Thelma and Kellie lead you to a hidden door. A palm scanner opens for Kellie's hand, and you find yourself in a room whose primary feature is an enormous bed. There's also a dresser and an end table, and a door that leads to a bathroom. After you perform a necessary function, Kellie and Thelma bathe you and anoint you with herbal oils before leading you to the bed.

"Terrie will join you when you're ready," Kellie informs you. "Would you like to meet her now, or would you prefer to rest first?"

How can these people who abducted me off the street be so sweet and kind? you wonder. Do they really only "abduct" women who look like they're in trouble?

You lie down on the huge bed. It's quite comfortable.

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