Ask Kelly if you two could move somewhere more comfortable

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Horny

"Mmmmmmmmm," you purr as Kelly's hands work their magic on your neck. "Perhaps we could continue this elsewhere?"

Kelly giggles. "No can do. But I can do this." She exits the room and returns about 3 minutes later with a large mattress and a set of sheets. "Help me get this stuff in place."

With your help, the mattress is soon covered by a fitted sheet and the other sheet is draped on top. "Why do you have this stuff on site?" you inquire.

"Boss's orders," Kelly explains. "We've had people pass out from heat exhaustion. We take them into a cool room and lie them down on an improvised bed while we contact a hospital if necessary." She pulls you close and removes your bikini bottom. "Now rest, sweetie."

You settle yourself face down on the bed. Kelly removes her clothes, spreads your legs and positions herself in between them. She continues her sensual massage, moving down from your neck to your back and downwards to your rump. Her hands are skilled and you feel your pussy beginning to leak honey. "Kelly..." you murmur.

"Yes, sexy?" she husks.

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