Ask Ms. Slattery and Ms. Berry to join you right here

From Create Your Own Story

You take your blankets out of the car and the four of you have a quick conversation with the two teachers.

You and Tina end up with Ms. Slattery. The blanket isn't really big enough to fully cover all three of you as you form a triangle, but all the other groups on the hill are too busy engaging in amorous action of their own to pay attention.

Ms. Slattery's pussy tastes delightful, and you lose track of how often you make her cum. Tina quickly puts you in an orgasmic haze.

After a while, you all stop, spent, and cuddle together with Ms. Slattery in the middle. Judging by the smiles on the faces of Sherry, Samantha and Ms. Berry as they curl up into an exhausted pile, they had just as much fun as you three.

When everyone has regained the energy to move, you all dress. The teachers want to be with you again tomorrow night, but this time with Ms. Berry getting you and Tina. You all think that's a great idea. The only question is where.

Name Jen (A Hottie)
Sex Female
Location "Makeout Hill"
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