Ask Tomas to turn the light out and let you rest

From Create Your Own Story

Status. Naked and Comfortable

"I could use a bit of a rest," you tell Tomas.

Tomas reaches over to the wall behind you and adjusts a switch. The lights go out instantly, leaving you in complete darkness. Tomas lies down and, working by feel, wraps his arm around you. Your head settles against his chest and your eyes close.

You vaguely feel hands and lips gently exploring your body. You dismiss it as a dream.

You slowly come awake. The room is very dimly lit, not bright enough to disturb someone sleeping, but with enough light for you to make out Tomas' form. You're now lying half on top of him, both his arms holding you tenderly.

"Hello, sweetie," he whispers. Even though the drug has cleared your system, you're not in a hurry to move. Tomas' body makes a very comfortable resting place.

You murmur an acknowledgement and nestle more closely against him. He gives you a tender smile.

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