Ask him if he is joking

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"Are joking or what?" you ask nervously.

He walks over to you and looks you straight in the eye while still maintaining a slight smile "Do I look like I'm joking? Now either get on your knees or get me the phone."

Frozen in place you don't know what to do. You don't want your mom to find out about what happened but you don't feel quite right about sucking your brother's dick either. He is still staring at you and you go into a cold sweat.

Will must have sensed how you were feeling "Come on. You would do God knows what with some guy you just met, and you won't do anything for someone you've known your whole life?"

You consider his words and you admit to yourself that you have wondered what your brother's penis looked like erect. You've only seen it soft a couple of times when you and him shared a room. You even remember trying to catch him masturbating a couple of times. Thinking of this makes your penis slightly hard.

Will notices this and smirks "Getting a little excited are we?" he then grabs your cock. You shudder in surprise as he starts stroking it. You become almost instantly hard and you moan slightly. "Mom will never have to know."

"Well?" he asks proudly.

You pull back a bit but it's no use. You give in and you slowly descend to your knees.

"That's it..." he says triumphantly. You begin to to pull down his shorts and see that he is wearing black boxers. You continue on with the boxers and slowly pull them down. You find out that unlike yourself your brother has a thick patch of black pubes. You finally pull down the under wear and your brother's magnificent 12 inch cock springs up. You never imagined he was this big.

"Go on. Suck your big bro's cock." he ordered. You obey and place the head in your mouth and begin swirling it with your tongue. You start pumping and you are barely able to get it half way.

"I'm sorry to be so hard on you but I'm in charge, and when you do something wrong you have to be punished." he said playfully. You get more into and start bobbing in many directions, and keep going deeper until you almost gag.

"Uhhhh..." he moaned pleasurably. He then removed his shirt showing off his some what hairy chest and defined pecs. You begin stroking your cock at the sight of him. He then aids you by thrusting his hips back and fourth hitting the back of your mouth. He then places one hand on your head and began thrusting more quickly.

"Have you sucked a cock before?" He asked looking down at you receiving his juicy dick. You moan in an indefinite response. "Tell me and don't you dare lie to me!" he said fiercely. You manage to moan a "Mmhmm."

He then places both hands on your head "You naughty runt! You need to be severely punished!" he begins to thrust into your mouth much more rapidly. He was shoving almost his entire cock in your mouth. Despite knowing that it had been sweaty prior to be being in your mouth, you couldn't help but enjoy the taste. He starts to thrust even faster into your mouth. Despite full out fucking your face he some how managed to be gentle. He began grunting heavily like an animal. You continued stroking your own cock that had been lubricated by lots of precum and not to mention the saliva falling from up above.

"Ahh fuck! I'm cumming!" he screamed in ecstasy. You feel yourself about to cum too. He thrusted a few more times before halting and clenching on to your hair. He then pumped a big thick river of hot cum down your throat. He moaned wildly. Not having a preference before, you loved the taste of his seed. Not being able to hold back, you too cum leaving a puddle on the floor. After feeling like it would never end he pulled out. But before you could do anything, he pumped a few more globs on your face getting you in the eye and catching you off guard. He begins to laugh at the sight of your face covered in his cum.

"See that wasn't so bad?" he said jokingly. You finally stand up and look up at him with one eye. "I really got you didn't eye." he then bends down and lovingly licks his cum off your eye. He tasted and then swallowed it. "Mmm... my best load yet."

"I hope you enjoyed it." he smirked. He then noticed your mess on the floor. "And it looks like you did. You better clean that up. And dinner will be ready soon so I hope I didn't fill you up." he said smiling.

"I thought you weren't gay?" you asked. He turns back and says "That wasn't gay, that was brotherly love." he said smiling wider.

Surprised by your brothers instant change in personality you look at the mess you made and wonder what will happen from here.

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