Ask him what he was doing

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"Josh, what were you doing just a moment ago?"

Nervously, he responds, "What? Nothing..."

The tone of your voice becomes more serious now and you can tell that Josh thinks he's in trouble. You decide to push it further in the hopes of trapping him. Half of you likes seeing your son squirm and the other half is completely turned on by what you just witnessed. And so you press the issue. "Josh, you can tell me. I won't get mad."

Just like a normal 15-year-old caught in the act, he stays silent, trying his hardest to get out of this.

"Josh, I saw what you were looking at..."

"You did, Mom?"

"Yes. Now you know it's perfectly normal for boys your age to have these kind of feelings." As you give him the classic speech, you can't help but think about how good his nice your cock looked being stroked like it was. And to a mature woman who resembled you, nonetheless! You could feel yourself getting wet in your panties.

"I know, Ma..."

And at that moment, you decided to switch tactics. "So I have to ask, Josh: why were you looking at pictures of women my age when you could be looking at young gorgeous girls?"

"I, well..."

"It's okay. You can tell me. Whatever we talk about stays just between us.

Josh looks more nervous than you've ever seen him. His face gets more and more flush. "I, it''s just that I think older women are really attractive."

"And sexy?"

Josh nods, shyly.

You decide to be bold. "Do you think I'm sexy, Josh."

He hesitates for a moment and then weakly nods again as if he has been defeated. He stares down, avoiding eye contact.

You smile to yourself, knowing that he's putty in your hands. And you know you're his mother, and you know you shouldn't...

What do you do?

Press the issue further

Get started on breakfast

You are:
Chelsea, age 36
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