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She smiles. "Of course you can, let me help you." She takes off your shirt. You feel a cold rush against your chest, making your nipples hard. Jessica giggles as you're nipples get even harder. "You're already getting horny. I think you'll enjoy this." She grabs the vibrator and presses it against your pussy. You start moaning, you pussy is still hyper-sensitive from your orgasm earlier. "You enjoy this feeling, don't you? Don't worry, it gets even better from here." She puts her mouth to your nipple, and starts biting it. Your body starts to convulse as you moan, arching your back.

"Don't stop yet Jessie. It feels to good." She looks at you with her naughty eyes. "Stay still Miranda, Big sis is going to make you feel really good." She looks down to your pussy. She slowly slides it into you. Your body quivers as your head spins in ecstasy. Jessie continually slides it in until it hits a barrier. You squirm, as the vibrator continually pushed against the barrier inside you. Jessie looks at you. "Do you want me to take your... Virginity? If not, we can still have some fun."

You nod. "I want to go even farther. It feels too good to stop." She looks at you, and you see her smile. "This a very special moment. Remember it." She holds the vibrator back, and then thrust it in, tearing through the barrier inside you. You can't help but shout as a mixture of unbearable pain and overwhelming pleasure roll over your body. Jessie stops pushing the vibrator. She waits until you stop yelling. "Are you good now?" You nod. She moves over to your chest and bites your nipple. In the same moment, she finally turns on the vibrator.

Spinning. Everything is spinning inside of you. Your head is drowning in ecstasy, your moans getting louder and louder. Your hips rocking harder and harder. You see your sister rubbing her crotch as she bites your nipple. You feel something heavy building up inside of you. It feels similar to the last time you had an orgasm, but it feels more pleasurable than last time, your moans are now on the verge of yelling. Convulsions ravage your body, as your orgasm builds even faster. Jessie starts moaning herself. You can't stand it anymore. You... You...

"I'm about to cum!"

Your back arches, and you shout. You're body is overwhelmed with pleasure. You're pussy starts squirting uncontrollably, making the vibrator slide out of your pussy. Your body is shaking as your convulsions subside, ever so slowly. You gasp as your pussy soaks the bed sheets. Your body is completely drained as you slowly lose consciousness.

You are:
Miranda, age 17
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