Ask the boys to do you one at a time

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Horny

"I want all of you," you whisper. "One by one by one."

"Okay," Andy replies. He slides his rod into your dripping love tunnel and begins pounding you hard and deep. You climax almost instantly. He keeps right on going. In mere minutes you're in a continuous state of orgasm. He pulls out and blasts his load on your tits.

Without hesitation, Sandy slides between your legs and keeps pounding. Your orgasmic high continues until he blasts onto your belly.

Before you can slow down, Randy's cock is filling you. You wonder how you can keep cumming, but somehow your high continues. It isn't until Randy blasts onto your face that you start coming down from your orgasm-induced daze. Your pussy is finally empty.

You're still laying there, stunned, when the boys lift you and carry you into the pond. The cool water restores your brain function as they rinse their biological fluid off your body. They carry you back to your clothes, having rinsed themselves off as well and put their Speedos back on.

"Wow," you manage. "That was... amazing."

"Thank you, sexy," they respond in unison.

Andy seems to be the leader. "Would you like to come back to our place now, or should we leave you here?"

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