Ask the couple to move you in with them for good

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Permanently Joyful

"I wouldn't mind moving in..." you moan softly. Your higher brain functions are already beginning to turn off as Cheryl stimulates your body.

"Great," Glenn says. "What is your address?"

You manage to tell him before Cheryl can render you incapable of coherently thinking. "I'll leave you in my wife's care," he replies. "I'll be back later today with all your stuff." You nod.

After Glenn leaves, Cheryl's skilled hands and tongue bring you to orgasmic heights you never thought possible. You bring her to multiple climaxes as well and fall asleep in her loving arms.

You wake up to find Cheryl and Glenn each suckling one of your breasts. "Mmmmm," you purr. "I think I'll like it here."

You live a long and happy life with the couple. You all trade off, with sometimes them sharing your body, sometimes you and Glenn sharing Cheryl's body, and sometimes you and Cheryl sharing Glenn's body. Everyone always gets plenty of pleasure.


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