Ask the guys to hold her down and collect your next cherry this day

From Create Your Own Story

"Okay guys, would you be so kind and help me with her?", you ask grinning while keeping a steel like grip on Candelas shoulder, making it impossible for her to escape. She looks up at you in fear but keeps silent, only shivering a bit. Soon a few pair of hands grab her and she is pulled onto the bed, between your and Chad's sisters, who both watch the newcomer with interest. At least, when they can pull their faces away from the cocks fucking their mouthes.

The girls sundress is lifted up above her non existing boobs, revealing cute cotton panties with some kind of cartoon figure on it, but you can't even make out what kind before she is stripped of it. She is still not making a sound, only looking in mute horror and struggling a bit, but it seems she is a lot more submissive than Katy had been. She is not wearing a training bra, she doesn't need to, her titties are only small bumps and not more, yet with cute little nipples on it you are hungry to lick and suck on. There is not a single hair on her virgin twat, a smooth, fresh piece of cunt for you to fuck.

Herculio stands next to you as you step up to the bed, he is even holding open one of her legs for you. "Which hole do you want to take first? Her cunny or her ass?"

You are:
Josh, age 15
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