Ask your big brother "what is cum?"

From Create Your Own Story

You take Josh's penis out of your mouth and say "Josh? What is cu-" and suddenly your brother's penis sprays your little face! Is this cum? There's so much of it! "AHHHHHH!" He grabs his penis and starts stroking it again, and with every stroke more and more shoots out onto your face! Some is even in your mouth! It's hot and kind of salty, but for some reason you really like having it on you. He finally stops stroking his penis when cum stops spraying, and he's breathing so hard that he can't even speak.

"Did I do a good job, big brother?" He doesn't say anything, he just looks down at your cum covered face and pulls you up into a big hug. You giggle as the water runs down your naked body, and josh kisses your neck and whispers in your ear "You are the best sister ever." You giggle some more, and Josh puts you down and cleans off your face. You think you should shower with big brother more often!

You are:
Miranda, age 6
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