Asks if he and the statue can trade off

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Status: Naked & Screwing a Statue

Smiling, you pry yourself off the statue and turn around, wiggling your ass until the bronze phallus is lined up with your anus, and then you impale yourself on it with a sharp cry. The statue's penis is no longer cold, after being inside you for a while, but it feels so good inside of you.

The security guard, meanwhile, is still somehow erect, and you gasp with pleasure as he enters you. His cock isn't as big as the statue's, but it's so warm and alive he thrusts is repeatedly inside your pussy. His hands alternate between gently caressing and vigorously grabbing your breasts as he smothers you with kisses. Through the haze, you can make out his features - he's young, handsome, and virile. Not quite as built as the statue, but at least he's warm and alive and can actually fuck you back.

"God, you're amazing," the guard said after you both climax at the same time. "Where've you been all my life?"

"You're not turned off by a crazy lady screwing a statue?"

"Not when she has a body like yours," the guard says. "Besides, I like the freaky ones."

"Do you?" you say. "Well, I'd invite you back to my place to show you how freaky I can get, but my AC is busted. It'll be sweltering in there."

The guard grins, a rakish smile that melts your heart. "That's all right. For what I have in mind, we won't need much in the way of clothes."

About an hour later, you and the guard are back at your place, your sweaty bodies intertwined as he screws your brains out. You've never known anyone who can stay erect as long as he can, and your body is nearly exhausted from all the orgasms you've had. For the rest of the night, you're playing with all of his toys - handcuffs, batons, even a taser that makes you cum again and again as he zaps you between your thighs until you can't take it.

Finally, you're exhausted, and you fall asleep in each other's arms - for the first time, but definitely not the last.


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