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"Oh fuck, Chloe!" Ella softy moans, forcing herself to be as quiet as possible. The rest of your track team is still competing, with a handful of spectators watching from the stands. If the two of you make too much noise, Coach Hill might hear you, and without a doubt tan your hide (well, you'll most likely tan her hide). It's near impossible to see behind the stands, and equally as difficult to transverse the many beams and field equipment that are stored behind it. However, if the right people had the proper motivation (say, two horny girls), they would be able to find an open area where no one could see them. The two of you had decided to do some exploring and found this "hidden paradise." The only fucking Coach Hill knows of are those that occur in the showers.

The track team is an all girls team (there's a boys team, but no one cares about them, they're douchbags). All the girls are fit, yet well endowered. The school had to buy custom sports bras and track shorts because the previous ones were too small. Even with the new clothing, the girls' large breasts seem ready to pop out at any time (fortunately, no incident has occurred during a competition). Most of the girls on the team are bi, and those that are new usually experiment with the girls, particularly you. Along with your grand tits and plush ass, you have a large dick. When girls fuck you, it's like a two-in-one special. The new girls immediately want more of you after their first try, but Coach Hill sometimes puts a stop to it. You think it's because she wants you all to herself. After all, those "meetings" in her office after school occur frequently. On Friday nights, she usually leaves when the team is in the showers after practice to hit up the town. On those nights, the locker room is filled with the sounds of girls moaning. You work up more of a sweat from that than from running at practice.

Ella bites her arm to stop herself from squealing as she cums. You let out a whimper as you push your dick further into her tight pussy. Her track shorts are down to her knees, her thick ass raised in the air. Her blonde hair shields most of her head. Her large breasts and face are pressed down into the dirt. Your large tits jiggle slightly in the sports bra with every thrust. You've know Ella for a few years now. She's one of the funniest people you know, and also one of the tightest. She's been a fuckbuddy with you for some time now. Her back glistens with sweat, mostly from the run she ran with you. You two came in first, beating out three other teams, so Coach decided to focus on the your teammates and preparing them for their runs, giving Ella and you the perfect opportunity to slip away. The two of you jumped on each other immediately as soon as you get behind the stands.

You pick up the pace, causing her to pant faster. Your thick dick pushes further into her, her ass swallowing it completely. "Fuck, Ella, I'm... I'm gonna cum!" You whisper loudly to her. She doesn't respond, just continuing to bounce up and down your dick. You're pretty sure you're sterile. The doctors have said it would be a miracle if you had children, and you've cummed into your teammates quite often, and none of them have gotten pregnant. You throw you head t the sky, whipping you long, brown hair with it and grit your teeth, trying desperately to hold your orgasm in. Alas, you strength gives way, and you spew your seed deep into Ella. She yelps, and immediately covers her mouth. You laugh softly and squeeze her ass. "Shut up, or I'm gonna have to fuck Coach, too!"

She smiles and pushes her hair away, "Oh, like that's the worst punishment you could receive." The two of you get up and clean yourself off. You walk back through the maze that is under the bleachers and slide back onto the track. You get knowing smiles from your teammates, but Coach Hill is none the wiser. 45 minutes past and your remaining teammates finish the last run in second. Your team cheers when the scores are announced and that your school came in first. You head back to the buses and get on. The bus is filled by your team and the bus driver, who let's you girls do whatever the fuck you want, whether it's giving you the sly blowjob or fucking against the back door for all the traffic to see, as long as he gets to fuck one of you before and after driving (Coach drives her car so she can carry the equipment).

As you pry open the bus door, you climb up to see the bus driver, Chuck, pounding your friend Bella in the front seat. Bella almost always pays the "toll" because (1) she's one of the few on the track team to use birth control pills, and (2) she love's Chuck's big, black cock. Chuck's a big, fat black dude, but his dick is around the same size as yours (ginormous). Bella's a Latina beauty, with large breasts and an ass to die for. She's the most sexually active out of the team (that is, she fucks the most people outside of the team). She claims that her high drive is due to her family being from Honduras, where apparently you can't go two steps without having to cross over two people fuckign in the middle of the street, according to her. You doubt that's true, but there's no denying that her sex drive is infinite. She's pulled you out of Psychology just to take you to the bathroom to fuck you.

"Ladies!" Chuck smiles, "I heard you took first place! Congrats!" He continues to thrust into Bella, whose lying face-down in the seat, without missing a beat.

"You got that right, Chuck," your teammate Stacy replied, "Seems, you might've taken first place in the Fucking-Bella competition from this girl." She pats your head.

"Nah, girls, I'm an old man... oh fuck!" He pauses, driving his dick further down Bella, who moans loudly. "I... I can't compete with the goddess there."

"Maybe not, Chloe's one of a kind," Ella smirks. "Anyways, hurry up. It's Friday."

"A few more moments," Chuck grunts, "I'm about to cum."

"No, Chucky, more! Please!" Bella pleads in vain. Chuck bust and finishes up, leaving her satisfied yet wanting more. He gets up and seats in the driver's seat, pulling away. As he leaves the school, you spot Coach Hill's car turning the other direction.

"Looks like the nights free," Ella smirks from the seat behind you.

"Whoa, hold up," Stacy says from the seat across you. "I think Chloe has had enough of you. I think she wants to try someone new." She winks at you. "Besides, look at her drooling at these," she says as she wiggles her large tits. Whenever you look at the black haired girl, your eyes go directly to her tits. They're the largest on the team and are always begging to be free and sucked upon. The girls look at you expectantly.

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