Aunt Jill comes in for lunch break,

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Condition Stressed, Indecisive, Intimidated by Tom, horny Apparel and Items: Naked, dry come on her back, face, boobs and butt
Day, Time Saturday, Morning
Need to Bathroom A Little
Level of Humiliation Naked and with dry come on her

It was then that Aunt Jill came in and when she saw Katie, katie expected her to say something about her being covered in come but she just turned to Tom ans asked him, "Hello Tom, how did Katie behave?"

Tom smirked at her before replying to Aunt Jill, "She was... useful in the store room. A bit reluctant but she did what she was told. However it seems to have just been a fount as when it gave her her lunch, (after she asked for it) she struggled and ended up getting all over her face like a baby."he gestured to the cum all over her face and breasts" She needs to be punished of that. Honestly Jill you told me that she was bad but I never imagined that she was this bad." He sounded far to cheerful for Katie's liking.

"Right." Jill said sounding thoughtful, "I must text her mother to let her know that she will be staying with me until she improves." At Katie's look of horror she tutted, "you only brought this on yourself child. Now what to do with you for the rest of the day." What do the do with her?

Tom takes her and punishes her himelf

Aunt Jill has a few idias

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