Be on the bottom and get fucked by Reggie

From Create Your Own Story

You say it's okay and let Reggie take control. He seems pleased. He leans over and grabs a bottle of lube off his shelf. He squirts a little bit onto his hand and then rubs it all over his dick. Then he bends over and starts licking your asshole. You like the feeling of his tongue in your ass.

Reggie finishes up quickly and then stadles you and sticks his massive boner into your ass like a plunger. He plunges further into your ass and you let out a breathless cry. You love the feeling of mixed pain and intense pleasure. You let out a moan of ecstasy. Reggie starts pumping faster and harder and then withdraws from your ass. He changes position and sticks his dick up your ass, straight on this time. He only enters a little a first and then pushes in all the way. You feel his pelvis against your ass. He reaches around and starts pumping your dick in sync with his thrusts. This goes on for a little while before you realize that you are reaching your climax and feel Reggie go tense and then cum inside your ass at the same time you shoot your load.

Reggie withdraws quickly and turns you around to face him. Reggie licks the cum off of the dripping head of your dick. He then swallows your whole cock and starts sucking the rest of your load out of your sensitive tool. You shudder and then collapse onto Reggie where you lie for what seems like an eternity of bliss. You finally get up and plant a passionate kiss right on Reggie's lips. He returns the kiss with equal passion. He clearly enjoyed the fucking and you sure as hell did.


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