Be on the top and fuck Reggie

From Create Your Own Story

Reggie climbs onto the bed and gets on all fours. His ass looks amazing. Fuck, his whole body looks amazing! Your dick twitches, and a small bead of pre-cum forms at the tip. You get onto the bed, place your hands on Reggie's hips, and slowly push your penis into Reggie's crack. It slides in smoothly and effortlessly. Reggie groans. Then, you start to move your hips back and forth. You shudder with pleasure. God, it feels so good to fuck. Reggie seems to agree. He starts panting and moaning. You slide your hands from his hips to his thighs and lift his body into the air.

"Enjoying the ride?" you ask.

Reggie laughs breathily. "Hell yeah!" he replies.

Continue fucking Reggie's ass

Suck Reggie's cock

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