Be the one to take Katy's virginity too

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"Let me be the first to take her," you say, indicating Katy.

One beefy football player is pulling off her jersey top. He glances your way.

"You got to pop your sister first, too. That doesn't seem fair."

You shrug. "I brought her to the party though. Just like I brought Katy."

Another guy is pulling the pants off of the struggling girl. "He's got a point. It's not like we won't get a turn."

The two jocks continue stripping Katy, removing her bra and panties now, leaving the girl naked. She's a little more developed than your sister, but not much. Even though you already blew a load into your sister a little earlier, you're rock hard again as you pull your pants down. The jock who spoke up on your behalf easily keeps Katy pinned for you as you move up to her. Beside her, Miranda is getting plowed again, and taking a load of cum on her young face.

"Chad, help me!" Katy's desperate cry cuts through the music and the murmur of conversation as she looks towards her big brother for help.

Chad looks at his sister, then you, and then at his friends clustered around all of you. The look on his face says it all. He's lost control of things, and knows that he can't stop this from happening.

"I'm so sorry, Katy," he says simply.

You move up to Katy as hope fades from her face. Her eyes widen as she sees your hard cock. She kicks at you with her legs as you approach, but some helpful football players grab them and hold them apart for you.

"You want her like this?" one of them asks, nodding at the girl lying on her back. "We can flip her over, for some doggie style, or if you want to split that tight little ass."

You are:
Josh, age 15
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