Beg Pop for forgiveness

From Create Your Own Story

You beg Pops for forgiveness. You look at Pop and discovers he was getting a hard-on just by looking at Both of you. Pop suggest that he would like to join you and Moose into a three some in order to forgive you. Pop was a chubby hairy guy who you had laid eyes on for quiet some time. Although you rather respect him as A friend than as a sexual partner, you just went and did it with him anyways. Moose , still bounded on the chair Started begging for cum like a hungry dog on the streets. You strip pop and started to suck on his hard thick penis. You soon to discover that Pop was a retired gay pornstar. Pop forcefully inserted on Moose's big fat juicy rod into His ass. Pop started to hump up and down on Moose's beautiful body. Feeling all so horny, you put Pop's thick penis Into your ass. Moose and Pop moaned as you humped them causing them to Jizz enough to make a milkshake for 4. You lick the cum off their wet body and continuously stroke your limp penis hoping to cum once more.this went on for 5hours straight. You, pops and Moose had probably came 37 times each.

You then agree to do this every week with your two new sex partners.


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