Beg the guards not to call the cops

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Status: Naked & Blushing

You beg them you'll do anything if they don't call the cops.

Both of the men smile broadly at you, as one starts to open his pants. "I think we can make that arrangement, miss." The other closes and locks the front door.

Your sigh comes out ragged in your throat.

You bend over, and help one of them take his firm cock out of his pants. You rub and lick the tip, and cup his balls with your other hand. He grabs a breast, and begins to knead it, occasionally pinching the nipple.

Behind you, the other guy fingers your clit and pussy with his calloused hand. After a few minutes, he says "Damn, the bitch is getting nice and wet!"

You look away from the man in front of you, and instead swallow his dick. Behind you, the other guy clumsily inserts his penis into you. The three of you sway and grind until you establish a rhythm. As the pressure builds, you begin to push forcefully against the pelvises coming at you from both sides.

One after the other, the two grunt, moan, and fill you with cum. They fall to the carpet, fanning themselves in the heat. You go to the bathroom to clean up, avoiding their glassy gazes.

You come out of the bathroom as they are collecting themselves. You try to take some clothes off the rack ...

"Hey, hey, what are you doing?"

You blush and look down at your naked body.

"No, we're going to submit this as a false alarm. If anything is missing, there'll be a police investigation ... and DNA sampling ..." He looks towards the new puddles on the carpet.

You beg them that you need something to wear, but they insist they have nothing for you. One of them unlocks the door. "We got another place to check, man. We gotta go." He looks to you, and indicates the open door outside.

You find yourself on the empty street as the guards lock the door. You are probably a few blocks from your house.

Do you:

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