Bend over one of the machines so he can fuck you from behind

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Fucking Like A Rabbit

You pause for an instant to put your clothes in the dryer, then bend over, leaning your torso on the machine, and spread your legs. "Fuck me hard," you purr.

He doesn't need a second invitation. His long, thick cock slides into your sopping pussy and he begins pounding you deep and fast. "Damn, you're one hot babe!" he pants.

Your body shudders as your orgasm rips through you. "Harder!" you gasp. He pistons his hips furiously, slamming deep inside you with every powerful thrust. You move your body with him, jamming your hips backwards as you try to take him as far inside you as possible. You climax several more times in rapid succession.

He lets out a strangled grunt and his body tenses. You can tell he's about to cum.

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