Bind him very securely to the restraining table, gag him, and seek the authorities so they capture him alive

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Clothed & Still Scared

You strip Walt's clothes off, lie him on the restraining platform, and bind him in every possible way. You gag him, blindfold him, tighten the straps around his legs, arms, torso and ankles, handcuff him to the table by both his ankles and both his wrists, and put a yoke around his neck.

Once you're certain he's absolutely helpless, you dress in some of Walt's clothes -- a t-shirt and shorts -- and drive to the nearest police station. You bring several cops back with you. Their eyes widen when they see Walt's hidden chamber of horrors.

"We'll take care of this, miss," one says. A second cop is carefully removing enough of Walt's bindings so that he can be moved to the police station. One of the cops asks you where you want to be taken.

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