Blackmail/Cry your eyes out as you get fucked

From Create Your Own Story

For what feels like hours they fuck you,force you into imbarasing positions and laugh at you all the while taking pictures. After what feels like forever they stop and leave you lying there while they go and have a shower.

"Alright" says Sam "here's the deal, we have over a hundred dirty pictures of you all backed up so don't try deleting them. If people see them them you are soshaly ruined. However, because we are such amazing people we will not post them online and around school. In exchange you will do what every we say when ever we say it. Clear?"

You look between them thinking furiously of a way out of it, finding none you say "Clear."

"Good" Sam replies "goodnight slut your going to need it" and with that they leave you...

You wake up to your alarm clock and put on underwear, a thick jumper, jeans and a t-shirt and walk downstairs into the kitchen where you hear Sam repeating the events of last knight to your step farther, "so now she is my personal whore"

"Good" your step father grunted "it's about time she was useful for something."

As you walk into the kitchen and sit down Sam turns to face you and sighs, "Right first off you will never wear a bra or panties,again without my express permission. Next in the morning you will not get dressed but come to me and I will choose what you will wear for the day. Then you will do your makeup and try and make yourself look as attractive as possible. Forget and you will be punished, outright disobey me and the whole schools will know what a slut you are... So upstares now."

He stands up and you open your mouth to protest when what he has just said sinks in and quickly close it again. You follow him upstairs to you bead room and strip of your clothes. He tuts in disappointment when he sees your wardrobe. "Oh dear we will have to get rid of all this. Luckaly for you it's a inset day so we can go out to the mall for new clothes for you."

"Dad, I'm going to take the slut to the store for new clothes and sell her old ones" you stare at him in horror. This means that you won't have any descent clothes!

"Ok" For now he allows you to put on the clothes that you were wareing before and he bagged up all your old clothes and head out the door with them.

When you reach the mall his first stop is to the second hand clothes store where he sells all your old clothes! Every single one of them! You spent the rest of the day in the mall following his orders and buying ridiculously revealing clothes. He also stops at the sexy toy store and buys some items that he don't let you see yet. Oh hell. While you are walking around he also lays down more ground rules. You aren't allowed to get good grades or focus on school because that's not important for a slut. You are to call him and his friend sir, master or Lord in private. You are to only speak when spoken to. you aren't allowed a boyfriend and finally you have to fuck have sex with anyone he says.

You get up next morning an head to Sam's room (which is wear all your clothes are) and knock on his door. He opens t with a smile "Slut come in." He dresses you in...

A black lace shelf bra, and a black thong.

Blackmail. A short croptop that shows the top of you boobs and is so tight you think that they might pop out at any second, a wight micro skirt that leavs part of your ass hanging out and plain black flats, and whoreish makeup.

Blackmail. Stockings, and a black lace crackles teddy with holes where your breasts are.

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