Bound for Hell

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & ???

You awake to find yourself still naked. Your ankles are shackled together, and your arms are stretched taut, shackled to pillars on either side of you.

That doesn't bother you anywhere near as much as the blood-red painted circle around you, decorated in occult-looking symbols.

Walt is in front of you in a crimson robe, holding a book. "Welcome back," he jeers. "I picked a truly special fate for you. I've never even had occasion to use it except when I first tested it."

"What are you talking about?" you ask. "What are you going to do to me?"

"Sparing your life," he says, in a manner of speaking. "I'm going to recite a spell that will drag you body and soul into Hell. You will have eternal youth and beauty, never needing to eat or sleep. Any injury, no matter how severe, will heal in an instant. This way you can survive and endure an eternity of damnation being tortured and violated by the damned."

Your eyes widen in shock. He can't be serious, can he?

Walt begins to chant, and for a while, nothing happens. Part of you can't help trembling, though. Even if his spell doesn't work, you don't see any way of getting out of this alive.

Suddenly, the circle begins to glow, and a small pillar of flame appears before you. The flame suddenly transforms itself into a man-sized...thing of some kind. Its skin is gray and stone like, and horrific looking horns sprout from its tail. You gulp at the bulge you see beneath its loincloth, and a thick long tail sprouts from behind him. It looks at you with yellow eyes and smiles at you with razor sharp teeth. "Pretty," it hisses. "We shall get much enjoyment out of this one."

You gape in shock and disbelief, unable to believe what you've just witnessed...what you're still witnessing.

The creature turns to Walt. "We know what it is you offer. What do you wish in return?"

"I wish to be able to watch in safety," Walt says. "And a guarantee my crimes will never be found out by mortal justice."

"A modest request," the creature says. "On behalf of the Parliament of Hell, I accept."

The creature stomps towards you, and now you're screaming like there's no tomorrow. You struggle and strain, but there's no escape. The creature removes its loincloth and enters you roughly as it wraps its arms around your body. Its tail, meanwhile, slithers between your ass-cheeks and commences to sodomize you viciously. The demonic cock and tentacle within you shift in shape, growing thorns and clamps, turning hot as a branding iron within you, anything it can think of to make its rape of you as torturous as possible. Tears stream down your face as you sob and scream, but there's no mercy in the demon's eyes.

After what feels like an eternity, it stops the rape, although its demonic extremities are still buried within you. "Time to go," it says.

The chains suddenly tear themselves away from the pillars. Then, as if controlled by some magnetic force (or something more unearthly), you wrists are forced together and the remnants of the chains wrap around them. As the monster grips you even tighter, you feel the air around you starting to crackly, and you feel hotter than you ever have in your life.

Then you feel yourself falling, plunging downwards surrounded by flame, the demon still within you and holding you. You scream as you fall, not daring to think what awaits you once you reach the bottom. It's too much to hope for you'll be killed by the fall. Not after what Walt said about the bargain he made.

All of a sudden, you find yourself lying on rough hot stone, still bound. The air is thick with heat and a more noxious smell. Your demonic rapist stands over you, sneering. "Welcome to Hell, girl," it hisses. "We've tortured souls for many a long age. But a mortal body bound forever to its soul, suffering in torment forever...that will be new to us. We are looking forward to your torment."

The creature begins to laugh, and you can hear other laughs, a whole chorus of them, and you realize that it's all true. You really are in Hell, forever, and you have nothing to look forward to but eternal agony.

You are dragged away, screaming once again. You spend all eternity screaming, ravished by all of the billions of denziens of Hell, subjected to tortures you never dared believe existed. No matter how damaged you are, even after being incinerated or torn to shreds, you still live, your body instantly whole and unscarred. Even your voice never gets hoarse. All you can do is cry, scream, and beg for a mercy that will never come.

And to think today started off with you trying to beat the heat!


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