Bring her up to the orgy

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For a few seconds you think about banging her downstairs, you and Herculio taking her alone without involving your teammates, but that would be kind off a dick move, wouldn't it? Deciding that you are the bigger man, you just smile before saying: "Yeah, they're playing upstairs. Come, I'll show you."

You lead the oblivious Candelas up the stairs, her brother on her heels. You can hear the sounds of the orgy even from the stairs and for a moment you imagine what she thinks about this. She does most likely not know what she is hearing, so what is she imagining as she is hearing guys moaning, the girls gurgling down cum and the murmur of chatter and music? Keeping the thought to yourself you bring her to Chad's door.

She looks a bit confused but interested towards you, as if she is not sure what to make of the situation. Then you open the door and shove her in. "There we are, have fun", you tell her with a big, shit eating grin.

The little Hispanic girl takes the scene in with huge eyes and her mouth open in shock. All these naked guys, wanking their cocks, drinking beer and some of them eying her hungrily. On the bed are Katy and Miranda still being used like fucktoys, mercilessly fucked in her pussies and mouths. Just now the guys are forcing Katy to lick the cum off the giggling Miranda's face, telling her to savor it and drink it all up.

She stands there mesmerized, like the hare in front of the snake, unable to react other than to stare. Then, finally, she tries to take a step backwards, but is held in place by you. "Don't worry sweetie. We will have lot's of fun."

You are:
Josh, age 15
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