Call out to whoever it is and alert them that you know

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Fucking Like A Rabbit

"Hi, guys!" you call out. "Jump on in, the water's fine."

"Don't mind if we do!" comes a very female voice.

You hear a series of splashes and swim over to where your audience has entered the water. You see no fewer than eleven people. You didn't realize you had been performing for so many and your pussy begins juicing. You glide to the shallows and stand up in the knee-deep water, revealing your body.

The audience smiles at you. There are ten teenagers -- five guys and five girls, who seem to be couples -- and one slightly older man, about your age. They're all naked. All six of the males are rock-hard, and the girls are touching their breasts and rubbing their slits.

You lock eyes with the man about your age, and he walks over to you and plants a deep kiss on your lips. Your hand finds his stiff rod and you stroke him as he teases your slit with a fingertip. He dips his head to suck on your big breasts and you let out a loud moan as his tongue flickers across your nipple.

You can't wait an instant longer. You spread your legs and bend over, and the man slides his pole inside you. You see that there are three couples fucking and two lying on the bank 69ing, and watching the nubile young teens going at it gets you even hotter. You quickly climax several times. The man keeps pounding you deep and hard.

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