Call over your friend Alyssa

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You get Alyssa on the phone. She giggles, "I don't know whether this is gross or awesome!"

"It will be awesome, I promise. You said his cock is magnificent and he's really sweet and strong in bed, right? Sounds perfect for a three way!"

"Yeah, but there's that one detail."

She laughs as you reply, "What?"

"He's your brother, dummy."

"Oh, never mind that. Your idea of the blindfolded blow job is great. I'm the mystery girl, and right as he starts coming you pull the blindfold off and he can see it's me sucking him off."

"That's the point that I can't tell if it is gross or awesome."


"Well, okay then. After his football practice or after dinner?"

"He's going to meet you after practice, right? Tell him about the mystery girl and we will get together after dinner."

"Okay. I wish we could have spent the night. I really missed kissing you and holding you."

"I missed that and you know what else?"


"You licking my asshole. You're awesome at that."

Alyssa giggles, "See you later," and hangs up.

What's next?

You are:
Jessica, age 21
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