Call to the shopkeeper to warn him

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Status Naked and Humiliated

You yell out to the shopkeeper to get his attention and after a minute he comes running out to see what's going on, however what you didn't think of when you did it was that he hadn't seen you yet and his attention is immediately drawn to your trapped naked body. That was all that the shifty criminal needed and he comes up from behind and knocks out the shopkeeper.

"Thanks for the distraction, babe," he says and gives your ass a hard slap. He then drags the unconscious shopkeeper into the shop. After a short amount of time he comes out with a satchel apparently full of loot and sets it down near you. "You tried to warn that guy, so it's time for some punishment, bitch." He takes great pleasure fucking you from behind, roughly playing with your huge tits as he does so, and eventually he finishes up.

He then forces a mass of wadded-up paper towels into your mouth and seals them in place with a swatch of black tape. "It was your mouth that got you in more trouble, bitch," he says, "and it's not gonna be your mouth that gets you out of trouble." Your heart sinks as you realize the truth of his words. You can't scream or call out for help.

At this point it starts to rain as he is leaving, you hear a car door close and he goes back into the shop. After a minute he comes back out with a large plastic bucket and puts it over your head. "You are going to love this," he says sarcastically. You feel him tweaking your nipples and he quickly applies two clothespins, one to each nipple with a string tied to them. He then takes the bucket off your head and you feel a weight that can only be the bucket as he ties the string to the bucket. "Since you tried to warn the shopkeeper this is such a fitting punishment for you. You see as it continues to rain water will flow over your sides and into the bucket, as the bucket continues to fill it will get heavier and heavier." He then grins at you and smacks you very hard on the butt. "Have a nice night in the rain, slut." He then breaks the light so nobody will see you till morning and drives off.

What happens now?

Still trapped at morning and it rained all night long

The shopkeeper comes out of the store eventually

The rain allows you to escape from the stocks

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