Can't take it anymore; masturbate in the Waterpark

From Create Your Own Story

I rode a couple of rides in that state and then I couldn't take it. I masturbated and climaxed right in front of everyone!

After I was back to reality, I noticed that familiar look again. Everyone was aghast and shocked. Uh-oh, I went too far! I made a mad dash to the entrance of the park. The guards were wide-eyed and I think the sight of a naked, dripping-wet (not just from the rides ;) girl took them by surprise so much that it gave me the chance to escape. I ran the 5 miles straight home, masturbating the whole last block. Cars were honking at me, people were yelling at me, I didn't care! I was in heaven! I collapsed right in my front yard, still naked, with my juices all over my legs! I woke up in the morning with my neighbor who I've had a huge crush on staring at me with a smile on his face. I looked at him and said "Are you just gonna stand there and look?". With that he whipped off his clothes and fucked me right in front off all the neighbors. Yeah, I'm a bad, bad girl ;)

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