Can't we come to some arrangement?

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Status: Naked & Blushing

Shit! Of all the bimbo things to blurt out!

Both of the men smile broadly at you, as one starts to open his pants. "I think we can, miss."

Your sigh comes out ragged in your throat. You need that air conditioning, and you definitely don't want to have to spend that kind of money.

You move your hands jerkily away from your body, and the men almost slobber. You bend over, and help one of them take his firm cock out of his shorts. You rub and lick the tip, and cup his balls with your other hand. He grabs a breast, and begins to knead it, occasionally pinching your nipple.

Behind you, the other guy fingers your clit and pussy with his calloused hand. After a few minutes, he says, "Damn, the bitch is getting nice and wet!"

You look away from the man in front of you, and instead swallow his dick. Behind you, the other guy clumsily inserts his penis into you. The three of you sway and grind until you establish a rhythm. As the pressure builds, you begin to push forcefully against the pelvises coming at you from both sides.

"Hell yeah!" comes suddenly from nearby, causing you three to stop mid-thrust.

Over the fence, the three guys who were having a hot tub party are looking over.

"I want a piece of that!" one shouts, as he climbs over the fence, the other two following behind.

The two maintenance workers lift you up, depositing you on your deck table on your back, just as the three guys make it up the stairs, shedding their trunks.

Cocks guide themselves into your mouth and pussy, and you begin to thrust in response. Somebody sits on your chest, placing his dick between your breasts, which he mashes together, and thrusts into. You find a prick in each hand, and you begin to stroke them furiously.

You are pushed and pulled, squeezed and squished into a rhythm. One by one, the men squirt their load in and on you, as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure causes you to shudder.

You catch your breath, and begin to carefully let yourself down from the table onto shaky legs, as the men start pulling on their clothing.

They wink at you, pat your ass, and grab your breast, as you stumble past them, into your house, and towards your bathroom, to clean up.

You feel it is time to be somewhere else.

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