Carry on, you may as well enjoy yourself before prison

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Hungry. Giving head. Caught by the cops.

Seemingly unfazed by the presence of two cops, the lifeguard takes the back of your head and pulls you towards his twitching cock. You can't think of any better plan, so you take a mouthful and continue giving head.

"You two are asking for it now," the male officer growled, "I want you to stop..." The police radio crackled into life: Calling all available units. There's an accident on the freeway. Traffic is building up fast. All available units are to proceed directly to the freeway.

"God damn it," the female cop sighs, "I guess we've got to leave these lovers to it."

As the cop car drives off you stop sucking and lean back, "That was insane! We should go before they return."

"Not yet. They won't be back for hours. Make me cum," he begs.


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