Chad's mother, who had forgotten something at home

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"Hi Josh!"

You turn around in minor shock before you recognize the attractive woman entering the kitchen as Chad's mother Lydia. And how could you not? She had been one of your central masturbation fantasies every since one of your teammates had pointed her out as a milf with a capital F. She is an attractive lady with long legs, dark hair and sensual lips. She looks you up an down questioningly.

"Is Chad having one of his little parties again?"

You blush deeply as you realize that you're standing there only dressed in a pair of jeans. Just moments earlier you were balls deep in your little sister and now you're half naked in front of a sexy milf. It's not like she hasn't seen something like this before, from the sounds of it. "Um... yeah, something like that", you finally reply.

While she searches the kitchen, only half looking towards you, she asks: "You kids playing strip poker? Not that I have something against young good looking boys wandering half naked around my house... I'm just curious!."

Wait a minute, good looking? Now that is something completely new to you. You find your voice again. "Um, yeah. So... does Chad have a lot of parties?"

"Well I wouldn't actually call them parties. A few friends coming over to 'hang out' isn't a party. But yeah, he does. Mostly when no one else is home. I guess he doesn't want his uncool mum looking in."

Seems like she has no idea what is actually going on. So, what are you gonna do?

You are:
Josh, age 15
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