Chad should be the one to pop her cherry

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"No fair, I can hardly contain myself anymore," a lanky guy says in protest. "I wanna bang that bitch now."

"Yeah, let's screw her hard!" another one adds. The crowd is getting rowdy and you see the way Katy looks at them with fearful eyes. Your sister, by the way, is way too out of it now, she is just dutifully sucking and fucking away, like a good little sextoy. You can not help but feel a bit of pride at that.

"Well, Chad should be the one to pop her cherry," John suddenly says with a laugh and gives the captain a mighty push forward, making him stumble a step. His little sister is getting turned over on the bed, now laying on her back with her legs held open by one guy.

"Yeah Chad, come on!" you hear someone say. "Make her ready for the rest of us."

"But..." He swallows the rest of his protest. Not knowing what to say, he more or less just stares. You can not help but feel very giddy at this; he kind of deserves it for making you bring your sister over.

"Relax, if she's half the slut her mom is, she'll love it," the beefy player who had spoken for you beforehand tells him with a shrug of his shoulders. Then, with a big hand, he grasps the back of Katy's head and forces her to look at her brother. "Come on girl, tell your brother you want his cum in your cunt."


"Say it, or we will fuck you so hard till tomorrow you will leak our spunk for days to come. And you better say it like you mean it."

You get the feeling that you and your team will do that anyway, but Katy doesn't know that. So she swallows and sniffles away her tears, saying: "P-Please Chad... please fuck my cunt... Please fill my s-slutty cunt with your cum."

You have noticed that despite his protests, Chad's raging hard-on has not deflated throughout the entire ordeal. His mind might say that this is wrong, but he wants to do it. Some guys begin to chant his name and you soon join in and in seconds the entire team is chanting: "CHAD! CHAD! CHAD! CHAD! CHAD!"

That's all he can take. Suddenly he steps forward, aligns his big cock with Katy's pussy and grabs her hips to keep her in place. She looks at him with wide eyes but a look of defeat. Then, with one single push, he forces his cock into her tiny pussy. She begins to wail and cry out in pain, yet he moans in pleasure. "God, she's soooo tight..."

He begins to fuck her hard, pumping into her like a madman, none of his earlier hesitation remaining. He pumps into her with a frenzy and a look of pure delight on his face, grunting and gasping out in pleasure. Underneath him Katy is biting her lower lip and sniffling, held in place tightly while her big brother is plowing her cunt. Her head is still held in place and she is forced to watch his cock delve into her pre-teen pussy.

All the time you are wanking again; you had not even noticed you began to work your meat. Not long and you will shoot your cum again. Only question, where?

You are:
Josh, age 15
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