Check out his new invention

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Status: Visiting a scientist friend

"So what's this new invention of yours?" you ask.

"A time machine," he says.

You can't believe you heard correctly. "Are you serious?"

"Sure am," he says, as he takes you to the basement. In the center of the room is a circular platform encased in a giant glass-looking globe of some kind. Crispin tells you all about how it works, and you can follow most of it - you're not dumb, after all, just because you've got a smoking hot body.

Then Crispin smiles at you. "Want to take it for a test drive?"

You're eager to try, but...time travel? "Is it safe? I won't get stuck in the past, will I?"

"Yep. Select a time and how many hours you want to be gone. This recall bracelet that goes around your wrist will tell the machine to bring you back when the timer runs out. And remember, you'll be able to interact with everything, so be careful what you do on your trip. So, ready to go back in time?"

You're too curious to pass up the offer. You enter the time sphere, and Crispin pushes some buttons. There's a flash of light, and you close your eyes as a strange sensation flows through your body. You hear a weird throbbing sound as you soar through the timescape. Then the noise fades, and you open your eyes with amazement. You're in another time!

...and your clothes didn't come with you! Except for the recall bracelet, you're not wearing a single stitch of clothing!

Where and when did you choose to go?

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