Check out what the girls are doing

From Create Your Own Story

You march up the golden staircase. As you approach Veronica's room, you hear moaning coming from it! Someone's definately having a good time.

You test the doorknob a bit. It's not locked! To hell with manners! You open the door abruptly and witness an amazing sight.

You see Reggie lying on the bed, completely naked! Lying beside him, also nude, is Chuck Clayton, a complete stud an someone you never would have thought gay. His massive black cock is being sucked by Dilton Doiley. Jason Blossom is also there, an unexpected surprise as you never believed him to be gay either. Jason's in the process of sucking off Reggie's pounding dick.They all stop and look at you in suprise. "Archie?" Jason tries to speak but chokes on Reggie's massive shlong.

Just then you hear a cough from behind you and turn around to see Mr. Lodge standing right there, wearing only a leopard print thong. "Oh hello Archie," he says. "How nice for you to stop in. But i'm sorry to say we're just about finishing up here. Not to worry though I have an orgy day once a week and invite all the sexy young lads from around Riverdale to join. It's always great relief, if you catch my drift."

"Okay, well, see you next week then," you say. An orgy with all the hunks from your school every week. Could this day get any better? You walk home thinking about how amazing everyone looked naked. Then you jack off and cum all over yourself.


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