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You are an almost unknown member of the school cheerleaders. Due to your multiple sex organs, the squad loves having exotic sex with you.

While you're are at home, getting ready for school, your sister comes in, wearing an outfit that leaves little to the imagination, as usual. Kaylee is also a cheerleader, and was the one that convinced you to join, saying you two could hang out more. She starts making small talk, as you get ready, rearranging the bra, under her shirt, every so often.

Suddenly, she bends over to pull up one of her socks and her short skirt raises, showing off the bright pink thong she's wearing underneath. You can see her long legs and her round bum, barely covered by the thong, as she slowly and sensually pulls her sock up to her knee, snapping it loudly. Then, she moves on to the next, subtly rocking her hips, waving her bare buttocks in front of you.

You feel your penis begin to tent your panties and juices begin to flow through your vagina, as she continues this erotic display.

Do you:

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Health 100 Equipment:

panties, bra

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Gender Hermaphrodite
Social Group Cheerleader
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