Chelsea/Continue Stroking

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You lick off the cum, much to your son's excitement, and you then resume stroking his hard dick. The video continues to run, but Josh doesn't pay attention to that.

Instead, he pays attention to you, or rather, your hardened nipples that are poking out of your T-shirt. You inwardly wished that you wore a bra today, but dismiss the thought immediately after. With a hesitant hand, Josh reaches to your chest, and touches it gently. You smile at him encouragingly, and with your other hand, you take off your shirt.

However, the moment your right hand stopped to take off your shirt, Josh push you onto his bed, holding your hands against it. He grabs your sweats, and pull it down to the floor, leaving you with only your panties, which had been completely drenched with your juices. You make no effort to stop your son's advances, instead, you find yourself welcoming him to do more.

With a pull, your panties come off as well, showing Josh your clean shaven pussy that glisten with your juices. Smiling at your son with a look that could only be described as wanting, you stare at your son silently, as if to dare him into the next move.

Josh let's go of your hands, and slowly brings his mouth to your extremely hardened nipples. You give a moan at the slightly rough feeling of it all, and you embrace your son's head to your chest, making him double his efforts. Just as with any parent mother, you find yourself excreting milk in a matter of seconds, and Josh gulps it down just as fast.

He grins as his head breaks away from your aching nipples, and you stare with unhidden lust as you spread your legs to invite him in.

His head lowers itself to your inner thighs, and with a pleasure that was previously only given to her by her husband, he began to stick his tongue in her pussy and start to lick. You moan, giving no more thoughts about being caught by the family, and only care for Josh to continue his unbelievable pussy licking. Your legs wrap around his head, burying him deeper into your pussy, which had begun to overflow.

You can't help but sigh in pleasure as he continues, and you just don't want it to stop! But however, in time, it does, and you are not satisfied. Pulling at him with his dick, you give it a stroke, and without a second thought, you place it right in between your pussy and your ass.

Josh is surprised, although tempted to use every single hole offered to him, he has trouble deciding which hole to use first.

What do you do?

You are:
Chelsea, age 36
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