Chelsea/Josh Bedroom Ass

From Create Your Own Story

You stand over him, grabbing his cock and holding it as you slowly descend towards it. You look back at the video and you see that the actors are performing anal. You lean in to Josh's ear and say 'Do you want to try that?' You lean back and look him in the eyes... he looks at you almost in confusion, but then he slowly nods his head, and so you sit on his cock. You let off a small moan as you feel the head of his cock penetrate your tight, virgin asshole. You slid even further down his cock feeling every vain and contour on the surface of you sons cock. You start moaning uncontrollably, as this is the best sexual experience you have ever had. You lean back and look into your sons face to see if he is enjoying it. You can see by the look on his face that he is about to cum.

You then lean in again and whisper in his ear 'I never let you father do this, in fact I've never let anyone do this." You then lean back, and look into his eyes, you see him getting even hornier at what you just said, a second later you feel his hot cum warm you ass as it flows out of his cock. By the time he has finished the cum is already leaking out of your ass.

You then stand up, put you clothes back on and whisper in Josh's ear 'We must do that again sometime." and walk out of his room.

What do you do now?

Wake up Jessica

Wake up Miranda

Get started on breakfast

You are:
Chelsea, age 36
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