Chelsea/Josh Continue sex with Josh

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Fuck volleyball you keep the fun going you close your eyes and softly moan and curl your fingers in pleasure of your son's cock. You let out a load moan as Josh proceeds to push himself all the way into your warm pussy. Your right hand pushes his face into your tits as he gets his whole cock in. Your pussy constricts around his cock and you swear he could blow any second, you are close to cumming too. You feel an orgasm coming.

"Fuck me harder... fuck your Mommy!!"

This gets him motivated and he speeds up. With the rhythmical slapping of your flesh on his and his pulsating cock inside you, you explode in orgasm. Your body trembles for a few seconds oblivious to his continued thrashing. You can tell by his throbbing cock and escalating moans he is about to cum. Do you lie still and accept his load inside you or suck him dry?

You are:
Chelsea, age 36
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