Chelsea/Watch Video with Josh

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You reach out from behind him and grab his dick. Slowly, you stroke it while Josh whips his head behind in shock.

"Mom?!" He cries in shock. You give him a sultry smile, a finger to his lips quiets him, and you enjoy the feeling of power you have over your son. His rod grows harder under your pleasant ministrations, and you can't help but feel even more aroused.

Some Pre-cum glistens on his dick, and you can hear Josh begin to pant as his climax gets closer.

Giving a small smile to yourself, you speed up the pace, and underneath your fingers, you can feel the start of his long waited orgasm. Timing your hand with the video, you are pleased to see the first spurt of sperm come flying out with a mighty force, and onto your hand.

Josh moans quietly in pleasure as you stroke him gently, stroking his dick with every spurt. At last, the final blast lies on your hand.

You smile at your son as he lies his head back on his chair, still in shock, he just stares at you with question, but lust is in his eyes. His dick is still hard, although that's not as surprising since you never let go of it.

What do you do now?

You are:
Chelsea, age 36
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